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  Knowledge Base

Problem: After I installed ComputerTest 2.0, I tried to login but I got this error: "SQL could not be found or access denied." What should I do?

Solution: This is caused by not having the "ctmain" database installed or not giving the correct server information to CTCONFIG. If you haven't installed the "ctmain" database, you can learn how to install it at:
After you do this, be sure to run and configure CTCONFIG. Information on how to do this is provided in the article listed above.

Problem: How do I login once I've installed and configured the database? I tried just clicking login, but I keep getting an error saying: "Login failed. Please try again."

Solution: ComputerTest 2.0 comes with two users in the database. To get started creating tests use the following login information:
username: admin
password: admin
class id: 88
ComputerTest also has a basic user account so you can take the tests you make. Its login information is as follows:
username: user
password: user
class id: 88

Note that you can have the class id be any integer between 1-999 (depending on what class you want to take tests for). With administrative accounts, it does not matter what class id you use, you can still create and grade tests from any class id.
To change the password of the admin account, go to the User Management tab and select "Edit User Properties" You can add a new user or administrator from the same tab panel, under the "Add new user" button.


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