ComputerTest 2.0 Installation Guide

Computer Test 2.0 requires successful installation of non-proprietory software which is obtained from Microsoft for free. This software is called Microsoft Server Desktop Engine or MSDE and must be installed on the server computer first. If your LAN already has MSDE installed on it then please check with your system administrator before installing Computer Test on any client computers on your LAN for high-level password and client computer names before installing Computer Test.

This guide is designed to get you up and running quickly and easily. If at anytime you need additional assistance setting up ComputerTest 2.0, please email Client Services at

>>> Note: Only system administrators should install ComputerTest 2.0

Before beginning, make sure you have downloaded both the client and the server database "ctmain" (you should have received the links when you placed your order.) If you have not already downloaded the "ctmain" database you can do so at:

Installing MSDE on the server for the first time

We will first begin by installing the server software. Make sure that you have administrator privledges on the computer you are about to install on. Remember, that the server software requires Windows NT 4.0 SP6a, Windows 2000 SP4, Windows XP SP1, or Windows 2003 Server.

The software program that is required to run ComputerTest 2.0 server is Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine (or MSDE). You will need to download and install this from Microsoft. It is available for free from:

After you've extracted the sql2kdesksp3.exe file, open up a command prompt, navigate to C:\sql2ksp3\MSDE and type in the following command:
Replace <YOUR SA PASSWORD> with a high level password. It should contain letters (upper and lower case) and numbers, for example: bYGo72f9 is a great password. While choosing this password remember that you'll have to give it to all the teachers, and you'll use it when you setup the client software, so we don't recommending using your administrative password.


Once you have completed the previous step, we will connect the database files to the MSDE server. From the which you can download from You should have extracted two files named: "ctmain_SQL.mdf" and "ctmain_SQL.ldf". Place these two files in a folder on the C:\ called "ctmain". Thus the path should be "C:\ctmain" Now you will need to follow the directions below EXACTLY.

  1. Click on the Start menu from Windows then select "Run".
  2. In the text box type "command" then hit enter.
  3. When the command prompt comes up, type in the following command exactly:
    osql -E -S (local)
  4. You should now see a prompt that looks like this: "1>"
  5. Type in that prompt the following command:
    EXEC sp_attach_db @dbname = N'ctmain',
  6. Hit enter. You should see "2>". Type in the following command:
    @filename1 = N'C:\ctmain\ctmain_SQL.mdf',
  7. Hit enter. You should now see "3>". Type in the follow command:
    @filename2 = N'C:\ctmain\ctmain_SQL.ldf'
  8. Hit enter. You should now see "4>". Type in the following command:
  9. Hit enter. If the next thing you see is: "1>" then you have sucessfully attached the ComputerTest database to your server. Great job!
  10. Now type "exit" then hit enter. Then exit out of the command prompt
  11. At this point we suggest re-booting the server. If the MSDe is successfully installed then a small server icon should appear on the taskbar at the right-hand corner of your screen (depends on the operating system that is being used).


Now you must download the file called "mixed.vbs" This file changes the authentification setting for the MSDE server to mixed from NT integrated. You must complete this step in order to run this program. Your Operating System or antivirus program may warn you not to run this program, but we assure you that this file is 100% safe. You may download this file from . After downloading to your desktop, just run the file and the process is automatic. If the process has been successful then a message window will open to indicate that the server is now integrated.

Once you have completed all the steps outlined above, you are now ready to continue to the next part of the installation which is the client software.


Installing the client software

Note: Before you install the client software, it is highly recommended that you install the database (as detailed above).

Installation of the client software is very easy. To begin, locate the "setup.exe" (or "ctsetup.exe" for school-wide license) file for ComputerTest 2.0 on the computer you wish to install this program on. If you are using a single license then that means you would be installing the client software on the same computer as your server computer or in the instance when using a school license and installing Computer Test on the same server as the MSDE, simply enter the computer name as (local) when asked for. In all other cases, identify the names of the computers before installing Computer Test on the client computers..

Open the file and follow the installation wizard. Remember, that you must complete the installation fully including all components such as .NET Framework 1.1 and MDAC 2.7 connection tools among others.

Once you have finished the installation wizard, there is an option to run CTCONFIG. Make sure that option is checked then click finish. CTCONFIG will open up. If for some reason it fails to open, you can typically find the program at:
C:\Program Files\Cube Apps\ComputerTest2.0\ctconfig\ctconfig.exe

In CTCONFIG you will see several text boxes. For the Server name text box, type in the exact name of the computer (you can find this in computer properties on the server). The "User ID" field should remain sa. For the password field, enter the password you created when you installed MSDE on the server. Then hit apply. It should confirm to you that there has been a sucessful write to file. That's it! You're done.

Now all you have to do it login to use the program. The default Administration login information is as follows:

Username: admin
Password: admin
Class ID: 88
*Class ID can be any integer between 1-999.

ComputerTest 2.0 also includes a sample User ID, its login information is as follows:

Username: user
Password: user
Class ID: 88
*Class ID can be any integer between 1-999.

Thank you once again for choosing ComputerTest 2.0. If you have any questions, please contact us.


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