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ComputerTest is an advanced computerized testing system that works over a LAN or on a single computer/workgroup. The software is designed to run on up to several hundred computers at once. ComputerTest retrieves and sends data to a centralized server running an SQL or MSDE database. Along with the purchase of ComputerTest you'll get one FREE technical installation support incident to help get you started right away.

This includes the software (as a download) for one computer. This includes both the server and the client testing software. To purchase more than one copy of this program, change the quantity amount.

[February 24, 2004] New features and new uses! ComputerTest 2.0 now has the ability to include essay and fill-in-the-blank responses in your tests. Grading is simple with the new intuitive grading wizard. ComputerTest also includes a new spell-check feature for essays.

ComputerTest's security and multiple question types make it ideal for elementary school through college and enterprise testing. Expandable and adaptable - if you're looking for a computerized testing program to meet your needs, ComputerTest is for you.


ComputerTest 2.0 is proud to be awarded the Global Shareware 5-Disk award for product excellence.

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